ONEDIN: Online delivery of Interactive Modules in Marine Science and Aquaculture

LEONARDO da VINCI Pilot Project: GR/96/2/0616/PI/II.1.1.a (three year project)


Project rationale

Online courses allow both operatives and management to update their skills flexibly, bypassing the difficulties caused by remote location of many fishfarms. Students also can benefit from unlimited access to course materials which can be consulted at their convenience. In 1996, when the ONEDIN project was approved, this was still a novel approach.

Utilising IT technologies trialled by AMC Ltd, the ONEDIN project designed, developed and delivered online marine science vocational courses in English, Greek and Norwegian and hosted them on from September 1998.

The course modules were then tested in in the four corners of Europe:to the far north, the North Atlantic Fisheries College, Shetland; to the deep south, the Department of Biology, University of Crete; to the west, the Aquaculture Development Centre of the University of Cork.


What was achieved

  • Online course modules as follows:
  • Fish, Shellfish and Crustacean Meristics (English + Norwegian + Greek)
  • Cost-effective feeding of fish (salmon) in aquaculture (English + Norwegian + Greek)
  • Standard operating procedures for fish farm management and maintenance of fish health (English + Norwegian + Greek)
  • Basic techniques in fish haematology (English + Norwegian + Greek)
  • Introduction to the marine environment (English + Greek)



Institute of Marine Biology of Crete, Greece; AMC Ltd, Ireland; North Atlantic Fisheries College, Shetland, UK; Bergen Hog Skule, Bergen, Norway; AQUATT, Ireland; Scottish Aquaculture Training Association (SATA) UK.


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