BIODAQUA: EU-Canada Exchange project Tempus (2001-1180/001-001: C 6004))


Exchange programme in the field of the sustainable use of aquatic biodiversity

Aims for international exchange programme


What was achieved

 1.New joint curriculum agreed (lectures, laboratory and field courses, and work experience at companies, government laboratories and research institutes.)

2. Network of international partner universities

3. Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) drawn up between universities

4. No tuition fees for visiting students

5. Creation of project website, with full details of all partner universities

6. Online student info, language modules, orientation booklets

7. 56 successful student exchanges which produced 6 MSc & 2 PhD theses, + 20 online student reports



Agricultural University of Athens; University of Gent; University of Cork; University of Ancona; AMC Ltd (IMBC Crete); AQUATT, Ireland; Huntsman Marine Science Center, New Brunswick; St.Mary’s University, Nova Scotia; Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia; University of Guelph, Ontario; Fisheries and Oceans, Canada.