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MATES strategy validation workshop May 28 Brussels (1st post)


Skills intelligence to boost maritime technologies

The MATES Strategy Baseline Validation Workshop was held in Brussels on 28th May to present and validate the results of the first 16 months of work. 

 Points made in the MATES presentations: 

MATES has made significant progress setting up a European-wide network of relevant stakeholders actually willing to collaborate in the strategy-building process. 

- More than 180 experts now form part of the network, sharing their experience on how to tackle the requirements of the new maritime skills, their professional recognition, and the education and training tools which will be needed 

- A Baseline Report identifying current skills gaps in shipbuilding and offshore renewables value chains was presented; its findings came as a result of an extensive bibliographical review, background data and inputs from the above-mentioned expert network from the shipbuilding, offshore renewable energy and education sectors. 

-The report includes the mapping of the existing occupational profiles and relevant educational programmes and training at EU level

- The report also put forward a set of foresight scenarios, which had been designed following two Delphi consultations with the experts to identify relevant trends and paradigm shifters. 

- A complete set of action lines proposed for the shipbuilding and offshore renewable energies following these results was then prioritised during an online e-voting process, to better undertake strategic decisions. 

- Eleven Pilot Experiences are being planned to test the strategy in consistency with those action lines. 

- The methodology as outlined ensured that all relevant stakeholders were well-represented in the process to shape the strategy. and the response during the workshop showed the support for the strategy.

Both targeted sectors (shipbuilding and offshore renewables) were properly represented; the invited audience was well balanced and included organisations from   industry, research, administration and Training Centres. There were lively discussions on several aspects of the MATES baseline strategy above before the validation ratings were carried out.

 In conclusion, the MATES strategic plan, after the above presentations, was evaluated by the audience and validated with an average score of 8 points out of 10.

The MATES panel carrying out the rating procedure, followed by the results as shown on screen.

Strategy validated for both sectors (40 votes): 

  • Shipbuilding: average rate - 8/10
  • ORE: average rate - 8/10


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