MATES Strategy Validation Workshop May 28 Brussels (2nd post)

The MATES Strategy Baseline Validation Workshop (Brussels, 28th May), relevant to AMC Thematic Group and Pilot Experience involvement  (VET FOR NEW SKILLS, ESCO)

Points made by EU representatives (DG MARE & DG EMPL) discussed by the panel with comments from the audience:

-        2019 will bring:

-        A new Europass CV to be launched, based on evidence-base information

-        Skills intelligence is being conducted for the recognition of credentials

-        A learning app to be developed containing training records

-        Big data analysis of skills needs is being developed by CEDEFOP. It would be useful to share information about the trends in the specific sectors.

Questions posed by the audience:

-        1. Blockchain certification systems linked to learning pathways to be introduced?

-        2. Recognition of occupations and the possible problems of certification

-        3. Awareness of skills needs

-       4. Risks within the present situation

    5. The roll-out of the MATES strategy

Final comments highlighted the fact that of the women who comprise 50% of the global population, only 1% are employed in the maritime sector.