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MATES SG Meeting Thessaloniki Oct 16-17th; 2nd post -Hands-on Sessions

Two interactive sessions were devoted to Hands-on Pilot Experiences; this was an effective method for kick-starting both the design process itself and how to maximize the impact of each Pilot Experience (PE).

It is worth taking a closer look to see how this worked out in practice.                                                                                  

The Hands-on sessions were organized to try to get the PE leaders and their partners to think out of the box in order not only to explain their PE but to work out how to communicate the concept as clearly and briefly as possible. Necessary support material (crayons, pens, infographics, paper) was provided.

IIn the first session each PE leader worked with a single partner to prepare a visual/conceptual poster to produce a 1-minute pitch presentation containing:


2)   CONTENT: Exactly what is the PE going to do? (Define the PE using pictograms/ words/ own drawings, etc.)

3)   An attractive/innovative CONCEPT (use keywords/infographics/icons to explain the idea).

Here you see the Ocean Literacy team at work in the first stage of the process.

PE Hands on1


I   In the second Hands-on session, there were 3 groups with 4 PE  leaders:                                                       A) VET; B) Ocean Literacy;   C)Industry 4.0.                                                                                                        After each PE leader had made their 1-minute pitch from each PE was carried out, the groups had to find answers to the following questions:

1.   What are the final tangible” products for your PE?

2. How do you see the scale-up ofthe Experience? And the PE products? Could the certification of qualifications be an option? How do you envisage the exploitation of your PE?

3. What could go wrong when implementing the PE? How could this be prevented? Identify at least 3 points and the contingency measures.

And here you see the group deciding how well the process had worked and making further changes


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