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The AQUALEX language lessons are designed for COMPLETE BEGINNERS in English, whose first/native languages are French, Spanish, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Hungarian, Turkish and Galician.

They were designed to help complete beginners in each language to learn very basic grammar and important keywords in English.

They are NOT a complete online course. They simply give basic grammar points within a vocational context (aquaculture). The online format is designed to give beginners a chance to understand and handle simple sentence with essential keywords.

Because English is still the most popular choice for a second language, English grammar points are explained, both in English and in the user's language. Where the user language is completely different structurally from English (i.e., French masculine and feminine nouns), then explanations of the user language structures are given in both English and the user language.

  • Level 1lessons (14) are designed for beginners who have no knowledge of the target language.
  • Level 2 lessons (10) are for those with some knowledge, but are at the basic level.
  • You can enter each level via the dropdown menus at the top of the page.
  • You can enter each set of lessons (English, French, Galician, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish and Turkish) by clicking on the country flags at the bottom of each page

Each lesson is organised into TEXT, GRAMMAR, HOMEWORK and ASSESSMENT with clickable menus at the top of each page.

  • The TEXT menu contains the lesson itself, which may have 5 pages.
  • Each page of the lesson can be entered via the NEXT and PREVIOUS live links at the bottom of the page.
  • The GRAMMAR section can be entered via the top dropdown menu. Each page of the grammar can be entered via the NEXT and PREVIOUS live links at the bottom of the page.  
  • The HOMEWORK section cannot be entered until all the TEXT and the GRAMMAR pages have been viewed.
  • All TEXT pages are inter-changeable in all PESCALEX languages, by clicking on the country flag at the bottom of the page.
  • BUT Grammar and Homework sections are specific to each language and do not have an interactive function.

TEXT pages also contain audio material which can be heard by running the mouse over the words on the page. Click on live items to hear the term as recorded by native speakers (make sure you have the necessary software for this facility (i.e., Quicktime Player).

The ASSESSMENT section is not available to the general public.

In Level 1 you learn:

the use of

  • numbers (lesson 1)
  • definite article (lesson 1)
  • indefinite article the/a/an (lesson 2)
  • demonstrative pronouns this/that/these/those (lesson 2)
  • singular/plural nouns (lessons 1,3)
  • irregular plurals (lessons 3.4)
  • countable /uncountable nouns (lesson 6)
  • many, some, few, a lot of, more (lesson 6)

the use of verbs

  • is, are (lesson 1)
  • has, have (lesson 2)
  • this is, there are (lessons 2, 3)
  • present tense (forms and functions) (lessons 11, 12, 13)
  • agreements (subject/verb) (lessons 11-13)

how to make statements (lesson 1)

  • how to make negative statements (lesson 2)
  • how to ask and answer questions(lesson 2)
  • true/false response (lesson 4)
  • how to tell the time(lesson 6)

how to make simple measurements

  • temperature (lesson 9)
  • length, breadth, width, height (lesson 10)
  • volume (lesson 10)


  • of place (lesson 8)
  • of time (lesson 9)
  • names of days (lesson 13)
  • names of months (lesson 14)

In Level 2 you learn:

  • adjectives (lesson 2)
  • adverbs (lesson 2)
  • comparisons(lesson 3)
  • pronouns( (lesson personal, relative)4)
  • Imperative (lesson 5)
  • past tense (lesson 6)
  • future tense (lesson 7)
  • conditionals(lesson 7)
  • modals/gerundive(lesson 8)
  • passive (lesson 9)

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